Quantum Derail Press Kit

Data sheet

Name: Quantum Derail.
Developer: Rubén López.
Platforms: Web.
Launch date: February 15, 2018.
Players: 3918 (as of 2019-07-04)
Available languages: English, Spanish.
Website: https://www.quantumderail.com
Price: Free.
Contributors: Jorge Fuentes authored some of the graphics, the logo, polished most scenes, and provided UX, visual design and video editing consulting.

Contact: ruben.lgo@gmail.com or @el_ryu


Quantum Derail is a short point and click adventure game set in the near future in which you play as a policeman solving a physics related mystery.

Most of the action happens in the abandoned station of New Palo Alto, where a bunch of squats help a reputed physicist working on a secret project.

The game can be played directly in the browser, and doesn't require any plugin.


Large logo with integrated background Large logo with transparent background Small logo with transparent background and dark shadow

Screen Shots

Police station New Palo Alto railroad station Inside the railroad station A canteen A secret passage A kitchen


Protagonist of Quantum Derail Bartender at the canteen Justin's boss Crazy guy Graffiti artist Smart boy Bouncer Old lady Sorcerer Scientist

About the author

My name is Rubén López. I'm a software engineer based in Zürich with a full time job unrelated to video games. I enjoy making games on my free time. My previous title is an Android game called Egg Savior.